This is your chance to win a diamond and sapphire ring valued at $6000.00 courtesy of Denny Bales Diamonds. We just need you to try on this ring and be photographed so we can display it on You can try on the ring wherever you see Rex Gabriel either at the C101 studios during the Morning show Monday thru Friday or at a remote broadcast location. All contestants’ photos will be displayed at for review and voting purposes. The winner will be determined by the amount of on line votes he or she receives. Most votes wins!   

- You're next chance to try on the ring will be Friday morning at the Toys For Tots Toy drive in the H-E-B plus parking lot on Saratoga. 

Click HERE for complete contest rules.

Congratulations Number 32! When came to the Diamond and Sapphire ring presented to us by Denny Bales Diamonds "You Wore It Best!"

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