Some psycho with a rifle and handgun carjacked two people near Denver on Wednesday, and crashed both cars.  Then he walked into someone's house, and stole their SUV by crashing it through a garage door.



He eventually got THAT car stuck too, and tried to carjack ANOTHER person.  But a cop managed to grab onto his shirt and take him down.  There's a video of the garage part and the arrest that was shot by a news helicopter.



There was also a woman with him at the beginning who got arrested.  She turned out to be a minor.  (Search for "Full Raw Video of Jeffco Deputies Chasing Lookout Mountain Carjacking Suspects.")



(There's not much worthwhile until he crashes through the garage at 6:51.  Then he gets the SUV stuck at 7:54, looks like he's going to surrender at 8:36, and gets tackled at 9:05.)