Some high school kids in Montgomery, New York, dressed up as KISS for something called "Senior Character Day" . . . and they went the whole nine yards, with wigs, makeup and everything.




But the school had a problem with that . . . because the makeup made the kids unrecognizable, and therefore it posed a security risk.



The students offered to wear nametags or their school IDs to identify themselves, but officials weren't OK with that either, so they sent them home.



The mother of one of the kids complained about it on Twitter . . . in a message directed at GENE SIMMONS.  Gene didn't respond, but he did re-Tweet it.



(Oh, cry me a river!  Maybe I'm just getting old, but the school is RIGHT to worry about security.  In fact, they could've just responded, "This is a school.  Not a costume party.  Period.")



(I'm assuming this isn't even a school-sanctioned event . . . like "Senior Skip Day".)