Have you ever wondered what "The Walking Dead" would be like as a bad 80's sitcom?  Yeah, no one has.  But there's a new version of the opening credits done in the STYLE of an 80's sitcom that's making the rounds online.



They had someone write a cheesy "Walking Dead" theme song, set it to shots of zombies getting killed, and used the most GRUESOME scenes possible . . . but intercut it with shots of the characters smiling



(It's from a segment on the show "The Wil Weaton Project", from the SyFy network.  Wil was one of the kids in "Stand by Me", and he was also on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".)



(Search for "80's Style Walking Dead."  It starts at :30.  WARNING:  Extreme blood and gore, and spoilers about recent character deaths.)