A sexually frustrated husband decided to create an Excel spreadsheet detailing all the times his wife denied him action and her excuses, then emailed it to her at work while she was headed out for a 10-day business trip. Okay, good timing if your going to move out while she's away. His wife, reddit user throwwwwaway29, then posted the spreadsheet on a reddit forum.

The reasons for not having sex range from “feeling sweaty and gross” to “watching favorite show”, and according to the document, the couple has only had sex THREE TIMES in the last seven weeks, out of 27 "attempts" on his part. See the spreadsheet here.

She admits that since she received the spreadsheet, she's tried calling him several times with no response. Maybe he's watching his favorite show and doesn't want to miss anything. *Ouch* Meanwhile, two divorce lawyers are rounding out their spreadsheets for installing a swimming pool and buying that new Mercedes.

Not much spread on this spreadsheet (rimshot).