The first image from Metallica's upcoming IMAX 3D movie, Metallica Through The Never, has been published by Entertainment Weekly. The photo shows the main character, a Metallica crew member played by Dane DeHaan, standing against a backdrop of flames and what appears to be an angry mob of fans. In the story, DeHaan is assigned with carrying out a mysterious task for the band as they perform at a local arena. Producer Charlotte Hugginsdescribed the film as "a ­dramatic movie in which a concert takes place."

Huggins added that the two shows filmed for the movie -- along with their elaborate stage production -- were done by Metallica solely for the film, explaining, "It took me seven months of working with Metallica until I grasped that they had created this very complex, very elaborate show just for our film. After we were done, that entire stage got packed up and put away."

  • In addition to DeHaan and the band, the movie features thousands of the group's fans, with Huggins saying, "Lars, James, Kirk and Robert always consider fans the fifth member of the band. Because it's a 360-degree arena show, the fans are in every frame."
  • Metallica Through The Never will open in limited release on September 27th. The film will play for one week exclusively in IMAX theaters in North America before expanding into additional theaters on October 4th.

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  • Dane DeHaan's acting credits include Chronicle, The Place Beyond The Pines and 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Metallica Through The Never is directed by Nimrod Antal, who also directed Vacancy and Predators.