A rare recording of Axl Rose singing in his pre-Guns N' Roses days has surfaced online, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Back in the early '80s, Rose fronted a Los Angeles band called Rapidfire, who recorded a five-song demo in May 1983. Former Rapidfire guitarist Kevin Lawrenceapparently rediscovered the tapes and has posted samples of the song "Ready To Rumble" online. These are the first studio recordings that Rose ever appeared on.

  • Other tracks that appeared on the demo include "All Night Long," "The Prowler," "On The Run" and "Closure."
  • The higher-pitched singing that became an Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses trademark is noticeably downplayed in favor of a deeper tone of voice.
  • The original eight-track recordings were in storage for nearly 30 years.
  • After Rapidfire, Rose next joined Hollywood Rose, the group that later merged with an early version of L.A. Guns to make history as Guns N' Roses.

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