James Ragan recently lost his fight with cancer and Corpus Christi lost a courageous and inspiring young man. Please watch the video and share it with friends. With your help his story could reach out to millions. This documentary tells the story of James's tireless quest to live. To learn more visit the film's website: www.until20.com

James Ragan's Story: In 2006 at age 13 he competed at a tennis tournament in Europe. What started out as a painful swollen knee became so bad it forced him out of the competition. Later doctors diagnosed him with osteosarcoma, a rare pediatric bone cancer. Worse, the cancer had already metastasized. This was the beginning of years of treatments. About 400 children a year are diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the United States. Only about 20 percent survive. James had already beaten the odds by living seven years beyond his original diagnosis. He saw his friends with the same diagnosis die one by one.

In 2007 James started the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation.