Future Darwin Award winners? Because adrenaline junkies are INSANE and jumping out of an airplane isn’t dangerous enough -- we now have a sport by the name of “Full Contact Skydiving.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like -- MMA combat in the air. Basically a bunch of people jump out of a plane and then proceed to beat the crap out of each other while they free-fall to the ground. For the sake of not committing murder, there are a few rules to help keep competitors from certain death: The fight starts at 15,000 feet. Participants have to pull their parachutes at 4,000 feet. Participants may NOT interfere with other participants trying to pull their parachutes. You can’t strangle other participants with their parachute cords. No more fighting once you hit the ground. They do have referees in the air which is fantastic -- but seriously, what good is that really gonna do?