The first photos of Godsmack singer Sully Erna in his feature film acting debut have surfaced online at Facebook, according to Blabbermouth. The movie, called Army Of The Damned, started production on April 22nd and follows the crew of a hit reality TV series who tag along with a team of local cops in a small town. When the cops are summoned to a house on a "domestic disturbance" call, they suddenly are faced with a situation in which they either must survive or join the "army of the damned," a horde of warriors from hell. See the pics here.

  • The cast also includes horror legend Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes, pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer, TNT wrestling diva Thea Trinidad, Joey Fatone of N*SYNC fame and Jackie Moore, who appeared on Homeland and 30 Rock.
  • Meanwhile, Erna told Mosh Pit Report that he's already writing songs for the follow-up to his 2010 solo debut, Avalon, saying, "I'm just starting to write right now, and I have a few pieces created that I really like that I think will make the record . . . I'm just going to write until I feel like I have the right group of songs built for the album, and then I'll choose the songs and I'll release it. I just don't know how long that's going to take or when we will release it."
  • We asked Erna how he can tell when a song is right for his solo career instead of Godsmack: ["I think as artists, we constantly write music and just sometimes you recognize that some stuff works for your main band and then other things feel like something that's not gonna quite work for that band, but it's a great song and you may not want to throw it away, so you figure out where its home is."]
  • Godsmack has booked some scattered festival dates this summer, while Erna also plans to play more solo acoustic shows in support of Avalon.