A woman lost 80 pounds by sticking to World War II Rations.

Strapped for cash and could spare a few pounds? It might be time to travel back to war time. According to Huffington Post UK, British woman Carolyn Ekins decided to eat only by the World War 2 rations and recipes and it had surprisingly effective results.

Over 12 months, Ekins lost 80 pounds and saved $5,000 in groceries. How? Well the rationing brought her daily caloric intake down from 5,000 to 2,200 a day. Buying only the foods available during wartime meant spending no more than $4 a day on food for her and her children. 

Ekins said at first, the food tasted a little bland but after a while, her pallette began to change. “At first it was strange adjusting to this from a modern diet full of additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers," she said. "All of a sudden I was transported back 60 years to a rations diet that was very meagre and not very flavorful...but after a week or two I really began to appreciate it because my palette had changed.” She even cooked the food as it would have been done back in the 40's, teaching her a valuable lesson in how time consuming it is to cook a real meal, "but it was worth it."