Which States Are the Most Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

A real estate website determined which states are the most prepared for the zombie invasion.

Last night was the season finale for “The Walking Dead” -- which always gets people talking about their worst nightmare: a zombie apocalypse.

Good thing real estate website Estately.com did some number crunching and discovered which states are most -- and least -- prepared for the walking dead.

The researchers looked at four criteria: knowledge of zombies, fighting ability, physical fitness, and availability of weapons.

Using a combo of census data to determine military personnel and Facebook data of survival interests across the country-- they came to a result.

Congratulations, Alaska! You’re in good shape.

Sorry, New Jersey…it looks like you're going to want to stock up on several cases of zombie-repelling cologne.

Here’s a rundown of the top five states best prepared to survive:

·        Alaska

·        Wyoming

·        Colorado

·        Idaho

·        New Mexico

Here are the five states most likely to get overwhelmed by the undead:

·        New Jersey

·        Mississippi

·        District of Columbia

·        New York

·        Georgia

Texas comes in at #26.
Check out the data for all 50 states here.