Metallica's James Hetfield Throws Guitar Off Stage After Sound Issues During Grammys Performance With Lady Gaga


METALLICA / LADY GAGA duet . . . SHOULD HAVE rocked.  And it did, except for one thing:  JAMES HETFIELD's microphone didn't work for the first few minutes. He and Gaga were supposed to be trading verses, but his audio was non-existent.  So it came off really bad until they fixed it.  But the band rocked, and Gaga rocked . . . and she showed her belly again, so suck it, haters. After it was over, James was so pissed, he threw his guitar offstage.  For a lot of Metallica fans, it brought back the OUTRAGE of the '89 Grammys, when Metallica lost the inaugural Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Grammy to JETHRO TULL



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