Quiet Riot's Banali hospitalized with Stage IV pancreatic cancer

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali, who has been battling stage IV pancreatic cancer for the past 14 months, was admitted to the emergency room at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Woodland Hills, California. The drummer took to his personal Facebook page to share a photo of him on a hospital bed, and he captioned the picture: "Just admitted to the Emergency Room at Kaiser... It occured to me that this is just like Disneyland except the lines are shorter & the rides are painfully slow... and the price of admission... OMG!"

Banali was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer after going to the emergency room for shortness of breath, leg pain and loss of energy. A scan of his lungs caught an image of his liver, which is where the first spots were seen, which led to the discovery of a tumor on his pancreas.

He has been in treatment since last spring and recently started his 21st round of chemotherapy with the hopes of shrinking or controlling the cancer.

Banali went public with his diagnosis last October, writing in a social media post that the cancer treatment had forced him to miss several live shows with Quiet Riot.