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New Horror Movie Database by Horror Fans, for Horror Fans, the largest collaborative horror movie discovery website of its kind, is now open to horror fans everywhere.

AllHorror was created by Adrian DeGus, a lifelong fan of horror movies, to provide what no other movie website could. Namely, the ability to find horror movies you're most likely to love.

Horror is a genre that is as deep as it is wide. You have everything from the supernatural to the psychological. You have your slow burns and your wild rides. You have your Hollywood blockbusters and your micro budget indies. You have straight-to-streaming releases and everlasting cult classics.

This vast variety of genres, sub genres and styles make finding a "good" horror movie harder than it might seem. Some people like movies to be scary, others prefer shocking, while others like their horrors to be thought-provoking. And let's not forget that "good" will mean wildly different things to a new or casual fan of horror than it will to a seasoned horror hound.

This puts generic star ratings into perspective. A horror movie might have 8 stars, but what does that mean? How many people who rated the movie share your exact same taste?

AllHorror solves this problem by organizing nearly 7,000 horror movies into 20 separate horror genres (none of which are the common but unhelpful "Horror" or "Thriller"). Some of these horror genres include Supernatural, Slasher, Gore, Classics and Creature Features. In addition to genres, AllHorror further organizes all movies into over 100 horror sub genres including 5 varieties of Haunted House movies, Urban Legends, Mutants, Mind Benders, Wilderness, Road Trips, Medical, Sci-Fi, Religion, Dangerous Exploration and even Internet Horror. AllHorror even offers sub genres to help those with very specific tastes find horror movies about Cars, Elevators, Cursed Images, Urban Decay, Spiders, Splatter, Tourists, Orphans and every kind of Phobia you can think of.

If this unprecedented array of genres and sub genres still leaves you in search of that perfect movie, AllHorror also offers a dozen different movie Styles to sift through. AllHorror styles include Slow Burns, Wild Rides, Hollywood, B-Horror, Cheap Scares, Popcorn Horror, Reboots and Horror Shorts. You can further browse by New Releases, Upcoming Horror and Streaming Horror.

AllHorror offers a unique rating system called "Will You Like It" to help you know beforehand if you're likely to enjoy the movie. This 10-point rating system rates each movie on its concept, its level of suspense, dread, gore, visual effects, story, acting, pace, plausibility and production value.

Finally, as you discover new horror movies you can add them to your own private watch list or you can create public lists to share.

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