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How Can You Regain Happiness In A Stress-Filled World?

How Can You Regain Happiness

In A Stress-Filled World?

Author Says The Secret Is Looking Inside

And Rekindling ‘The Eternal You.’ 


Human distress is all around us every day – in our neighborhoods, in the news. Suicide, bullying, racism, addiction, domestic violence, and school shootings, to name a few serious issues plaguing American society, bring profound sorrow.

Such occurrences also can indicate someone’s dislike of themselves or others. Besides these extreme examples, author Kirk Abner thinks many people are miserable and lost in the quest for true happiness. But finding it can happen, he says, if they can tap into the person they were before ego and life events got in the way and defined them.

“All those terrible things happening in our society trace back to a lack of self-awareness and/or understanding of who we truly are as human beings,” says Abner, who’s written Flower Dog Man, a treatise on unconditional love of self and others as the gateway to sustainable happiness.

“The biggest problem in the human condition is the collective failure to see ourselves as the human beings we truly are. The simple steps of self-awareness can lead us on the path of actualization. It is possible to reconnect with the unconditional love that we were born with.”

Abner can discuss for your listeners how self-discovery and a re-defining of what’s important turned his life around and how others can do the same. Get the book here: 

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