The weekend’s here, and getting prepped with a solid list of horror movies for your Halloween prep is always a good idea. Yeah, there are the classic, but 2018’s actually had a nice list of movies that are worthy of your tension and attention. Here are the best ones, as ranked by Thrillist as the year stands at this moment.

  • “Hereditary” – It’s an independent film that came out of nowhere, and still stands as the “iciest, creepiest supernatural thriller” of the year.
  • “Revenge” –A French “rape/revenge” movie that isn’t at all slimy and poorly developed.
  • “Mandy” –Great soundtrack. Great revenge story. Plus, you get to see Nicholas Cage loose his mind, and it’s worth it just for that.
  • “Suspiria” –A remake done by someone who clearly loved and respected the original.
  • “Apostle” –Creepy, gory, and mixes estranged siblings, religious isolation, and secrets that are just plain eerie.
  • “Annihilation” –Well done, and it’s like a mix between “Predator” and “Alien” with an all-female leading cast.
  • “The Ritual” –A forest…a cabin…you know the drill – but it’s well done.
  • “A Quiet Place” –Excellent tension and worth all the buzz it received earlier in the year.
  • “Upgrade” –It’s more sci-fi than what you might be used to for this kind of revenge flick, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun packed into 95 minutes.
  • “What Keeps You Alive” –More surprising than your average “something terrifying in the woods” movie.
  • “Halloween” – It comes out today, so here it is on the list. Ignore the sequels and grab some popcorn. It doesn’t disappoint.

View the complete list of 42 movies here.

Source: Thrillist

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