Want $1,300? Can You Watch 13 Stephen King Movies By Halloween?

Love making money and don’t mind getting scared?Get yourself into the Halloween spirit early, and earn some cash while doing it, with USDish.com’s Stephen King movie challenge. The website is looking for someone to watch 13 classic films based off King's most chilling novels before Halloween, and for bravery they'll give you $1,300.Here’s what you’ll watch:

  1. "Carrie" (the original or the 2013 remake)
  2. "Children of the Corn"
  3. "Christine"
  4. "Creepshow"
  5. "Cujo"
  6. "Dreamcatcher"
  7. "It" (the original or the 2017 remake)
  8. "The Mist"
  9. "Pet Sematary" (the original or the 2019 remake)
  10. "Salem's Lot"
  11. "The Shining"
  12. "Thinner"
  13. "Misery" 

It’s all watching…while binging, you'll have to fill out some surveys, keep a journal, and track of your heart rate and sleep patterns.Since it would be distracting to keep count of heartbeats in your head while watching these films,USDish.com is going to send you a Fitbit. That way they can see how much of a scaredy-cat you really are when things get intense on screen. 

Want in?You’ve got until October 15th to submit your application here.

Source:US Dish

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